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If you are entitled to receive a refund, it will be issued by Vape Highster when the item to be returned has been received in satisfactory condition. Refunds will be processed within 14 business days after receiving the item(s) and will be applied directly to the method of payment that was used to make the purchase.

Vape Highster is not responsible for refunds to a Prepaid Debit/Credit Card. In the event that the cardholder no longer has possession of the aforementioned card, please contact the card issuing company to assist you in receiving any refunds.

Refunds can take up to 14 business days to process completely after the return has been initiated. International refunds may take longer to process and could take as long as 30 days to receive the refund. Please, contact your bank for refund issues. If your bank necessitates further information, we will be able to provide you with it for them. If you have any questions about our return/refund process, feel free to send us a message via the “Contact Us” page or email us at info@vapehighsteruae.com